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What are the Pretreatment Systems of the Reverse Osmosis System?

Apr. 06, 2021

As a Water Analysis Integration Platform Manufacturer, share with you.

The purpose of the pretreatment system is to improve the water supply conditions to meet the water inlet requirements of the reverse osmosis system, thereby protecting the reverse osmosis host and prolonging the service life of the membrane. In the water treatment system. It is often necessary to carry out pretreatment design for different water quality, the most common is the multi-media filter (filtering out suspended particles with a diameter greater than 10um) + activated carbon (removing peculiar smell, residual chlorine, heavy metal ions, organic carcinogens, etc.) + Antiscalant dosing device (or softening device) (greatly reduces the scale formation of calcium, magnesium and other scale substances in the system) + precision filter (filtration accuracy is 5um, further removes residual particulate matter in the water) to form a pretreatment system.

Reverse Osmosis System Industrial Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis System Industrial Water Treatment

Reverse osmosis device (pure water device)

1) Function: The reverse osmosis device is the main part of the purified water production line. This device uses the energy-saving composite membrane ESPA type reverse osmosis membrane element produced by Japan's Nitto Denko Group and the United States Hyde Energy Company. ESPA series are brackish water desalination membranes with high desalination rate. High water flux can be obtained under lower operating pressure, with an average salt rejection rate of 99.5%. Because ESPA membrane has the above-mentioned advantages, it provides a wider space for the selection of auxiliary equipment such as water pumps, pressure vessels, pipes, and valves. And the use of a smaller power motor can meet the needs of the work. At the same time, the characteristics of high water flux and high desalination rate of ESPA membrane greatly reduce equipment manufacturing costs and system equipment investment costs, and can save a lot of energy, reduce system operating costs, and improve water quality. 2) Selection: American Hydra can ESPAI-4040/8040. The designed water temperature of the reverse osmosis device is 25°C, and the water utilization rate is 70%.

Booster pump

1) Function: Provide the necessary working pressure for the subsequent mixed bed.

2) Control: After the pump, use a regulating valve to adjust the pressure and water inflow (manual operation).

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