Brine Tank Price PE Sand Filter Water Softener Tank Exchange Resin



Widely used in water treatment projects, softened water complete sets of equipment, and accessories on complete sets of water treatment equipment.


S/N ModelsMax Dimensions(mm)S/NModelsMax.Dimensions(mm)
1YT-15Φ200 x H5007YT-350Φ 740 x H1275
2YT-25Φ 250 x H5208YT-500Φ 840 x H1335
3YT-60Φ 390 x H8109YT-750Φ 960 x H1395
4YT-100Φ 450 x H94010YT-1000Φ1080 x H1460
5YT-145Φ500 x H106011YT-1500Φ1240 x H1575
6YT-200Φ550 x H116012YT-2000Φ1360 x H1690


● Due to conic body, brine tanks can be packed one in one to any height, which saves over 50% freight for the buyers.

● For brine tanks 350 ~ 2000, each tank is designed with a small lid on a large cover. It is more convenient for user to put salt into the tank.

● For brine tanks350 ~ 2000, the salt pipe in the tank is extended upward to the top of the large cover, so that the effective capacity of the salt solution is increased by over 15%.

● For new exterior design and precise mould, the quality of product has been greatly improved.

● Various colors

● The product is acid and alkali resistant, not easy to age, non-toxic, tasteless, and has a long service life;

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