Conductivity Water Quality Analysis Sensor with RS485 Industry Online Electrical

Conductivity smart electrode comes with RS485 communication interface and standard RS485 Modbus protocol.


Product Description

Conductivity smart electrode comes with RS485 communication interface and standard RS485 Modbus protocol. Provides conductivity measurement suitable for low, medium and high range, the electrode constant is from 0.1 to 10cm-1, the electrode materials are graphite, platinum, stainless steel, can measure the conductivity,TDS, salinity. Corrosion-resistant shell, built-in PT1000 temperature sensor and compensation algorithm, suitable for various harsh working environments. The data analysis software is included with the machine, which has the functions of calibration, recording, analysis and diagnosis.

It is widely used in surface water monitoring, industrial wastewater and municipal sewage monitoring, water treatment industry, boiler return water monitoring, deionization process monitoring, reverse osmosis monitoring, sea water, salt water, aquaculture water monitoring, etc.


● Precision electrode design, high accuracy, good linearity, wide range

● The electrode constant is very stable and not affected by polarization

● Self-cleaning function, not affected by surface contamination

● PT1000 temperature compensation, accuracy can reach ±0.1℃

● Shell, waterproof grade IP68, long-term underwater work RS485 communication interface, standard Modbus protocol, easy to integrate

● Data analysis software, with calibration, recording, analysis, and diagnosis functions

Technical Parameter

Working PrincipleTwo electrodes (CCT-210)Four electrodes (CCT-211 )
Measurement Range(10-100,000)μS/cm(1- 100,000)μS/cm
Resolution0.1μS/cm(depend on the range)0.1μS/cm(depend on the range)
Cell constant(0.1, 1, 10)cm-1
Communication portRS485, Standard Modbus Protocol
SizeD30mm, L185mm, Cable 3m(customized)
Working Environment(-5-80)℃ , (0-6)bar
Working Power12V/24V DC
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