Multi-parameter with pH EC Turbidity TSS COD Ammonia TDS Water Quality Sensors

Multi-parameter water quality electrode can freely install 2-7 water quality sensors, monitoring factors include


Product Description

Multi-parameter water quality electrode can freely install 2-7 water quality sensors, monitoring factors include: temperature, pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll a, blue Chlorella, rhodamine, oil in water, ammonia nitrogen, depth, etc. Adopt RS485 interface and standard Modbus protocol, low power consumption, built-in battery, support solar power supply. The data analysis software is included with it, which has the functions of calibration, recording, analysis and diagnosis.


Widely used in water, drinking water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, groundwater, ocean, etc., facilitate integrated applications such as monitoring buoys, monitoring floating discharges, and monitoring ships.


● High reliability: suitable for long-term work in the field environment, stable measurement, strong anti-interference ability

● Flexible and portable: each probe can be combined freely, replaced independently, plug and play Use, remote control

● Scalability: monitor multiple factors, can install 7 sensors at the same time

● Multiple applications: long-term online work, rapid on-site determination, emergency monitoring, groundwater monitoring, self-contained battery

● Rugged shell: POM or PVC material, resistant to seawater corrosion, can be underwater

200m normal work

● Compact structure: diameter 75mm, can be installed in small size occasions

Technical Parameter

Measure parameterMeasure methodMeasuring rangemeasurement accuracyPrecision
Temp.Platinum resistance method(-20-80)℃0.15℃0.01℃
p HGlass electrode method0-140.10.01
ORPGlass electrode method(-1999-1999)mV20mV1mV
ECGraphite electrode method(10-100,000)μS/cm±1%1μS/cm
salinityCalculated from conductivity and temperature(0-70)PSS±1%0.01PSS
Total dissolved solidsCalculated from conductivity and temperature(0-65)g/L±1%0.01g/L
Dissolved OxygenPolarography or fluorescence(0-50)mg/L±0.3mg/L0.01mg/L
Turbidity90° scattering method(0-3000)NTU±3%0.1NTU
Chlorophyll afluorescence(0-100)ug/L±5%0.1ug/L
Blue-green algaefluorescence(100-2 0,000)cells/mL±5%100cells/mL
Oil in waterfluorescence(0-1500)ppb±5%1ppb
NH3*NIon selective electrode method(0.2-1000)mg/L±5%0.1mg/L
CODUV absorption method(0-200)mg/L±5%0.1mg/L
Water depthPressure sensor(0-10)m3mm1mm
Communication portRS485, standard Modbus protocol
DimemsionD75/ 89 mm, L458/483mm, cable 3me(customized)
Working Environment(0-60)℃, (0-6)bar
Working voltage12V/24V DC(Battery powered)
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