Oxygen micro bubble diffuser for aeration water treatment equipment machinery



●  The rubber diaphragm is made of imported EPDM rubber, which is anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, durable and has a long service life.

●  The stepped sealing structure effectively prevents the diaphragm from falling off.

●  The thickening of the peripheral area of the diaphragm has sufficient extension compensation, and can rebound freely, avoiding the tearing of the diaphragm due to stress concentration.

●  The double check design, the double function of the non-porous area in the center of the diaphragm and the internal check valve, effectively prevent sewage from entering the pipeline system.

●  The unique hole-opening technology makes the bubble release of the aerator uniform and the resistance loss is small.

●  The air bubbles are dense, with high efficiency of oxygen utilization and oxygenation capacity.

●  The diaphragm has strong self-cleaning property and strong anti-clogging ability.

●  The general standard 3/4" (English system) threaded interface can adopt threaded connection or soft connection, which has good interchangeability.

●  It can withstand high temperature up to 100℃ and can be used in deep pool aeration system.


The microporous aerator is suitable for aeration and oxygenation in various sewage treatment.

Technical Index

Technical IndexUnit Model
Service Aream2/pc0.2~0.60.3~0.8
Oxygen Utilization%22~4030~50
Oxygenation CapacitykgO2/h0.13~0.40.2~0.5
Theoretical Power Efficiencykg/kW·h4.5~6.56.0~8.0
Drag LossPa<3000<3000
Bubble Diametermm1~31~3

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