Residual Chlorine Analyzer Disinfection in Swimming Pool Application

Residual Chlorine Analyzer is an online analyzer that integrates water quality residual chlorine, pH and temperature measurement.


Product Description

Residual Chlorine Analyzer is an online analyzer that integrates water quality residual chlorine, pH and temperature measurement. The instrument uses a potentiostatic sensor measurement method, and which is equipped with a water sample decompression, filtration and constant flow device, which creates a continuous and stable operating enviromnent for the sensor.

Residual Chlorine Analyzer adopts 7-inch touch screen display, Chinese and English intelligent menu operation, multiple automatic calibration functions, optional signal output mode, manual / automatic temperature, PH value compensation function.


Widely used in drinking water treatment plants for the distribution of drinking water to swimming pool water quality treatment projects, sewage treatment, water disinfection, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite generators, and other industries. It continuously monitors the primary temperature of residual chlorine in the aqueous solution.


● 7 inch touch screen display;

● Integrated water quality residual chlorine, pH, temperature measurement parameters in one unit;

● With pressure reduction, constant current, flow measurement functions, PH automatic compensation to ensure measurement accuracy;

● Isolated dual, (4-20) mA current loop output, which can output residual chlorine, PH, temperature data;

● Can increase measurement parameters acco咄ng to customer needs, integrate multi-parameter detection analyzer

● Optional data transmission module, supporting customers'PC and mobile APP water quality data remote management platform

Technical Parameter

Residual chlorine on-line analyzer
Measurement Range(0-2) mg/L (0-20) mg/L; pH: 0-14; Temp.: (0-50) °C
ResolutionFree Chlorine: 0.01mg/L; pH: 0.01; Temp.: 0.1°C
AccuracyFree Chlorine: Indication error 10%; pH: 0. 1 pH ; Temp.: 土0.5C

pH, residual chlorine sensor applicable life is 12 months

(related to the environment and media)

Output interface

two (4-20) mA outputs, two OC control outputs,

programmable pointing to residual chlorine, pH,

temperature measurement parameters。

Display7-inch touch screen display, Chinese and English interface
Control Power:AC220V土10% 50/60Hz AC110V土10% 50/60Hz
Communication PortRS485 MODBUS RTU Communication Protocol
Product formwall-mounted chassis or floor-standing cabinet
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