Vortex Fow Meter Clamp Connection Hot Sale High Accuracy

Widely used in petroleum , chemical, power, light industry, powel, heating and other industries.



Widely used in petroleum , chemical, power, light industry, powel, heating and other industries.


● No moving parts, long-term stability, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance;

● The output of the sensor is pulse frequency, the frequency is linear with the actual flow of the fluid being measured, the zero point has no drift, the performance is very stable, and the structure is diverse, including pipeline and plug-in flow sensors;

● High accuracy, usually the measurement accuracy of liquid is ±1.0%; the measurement accuracy of gas is ±1.5%;

● Wide measuring range, up to 1:20 within the Reynolds number of 2x104~7x106;

● The pressure loss is small (about 1/4-1/2 of the orifice flow meter), which is an energy-saving meteor meter

● The installation method is flexible, according to the different process pipelines on site, it can be installed horizontally, vertically and inclinedly at different angles

● It adopts noise cancellation circuit and anti-vibration sensor head, which has certain anti-environmental vibration performance;

● Using ultra-low power consumption single-chip microcomputer technology, one 3V10AH hammer battery can be used for more than 5 years;

● The non-linearity of the meter coefficient is corrected by the software to improve the measurement accuracy;

● EEPROM is used to protect the accumulated flow from power down, and the protection time is as long as 10 years.

Technical Parameter

Measured mediumSteam, compressed air, coal-to-gas, liquid and other medium and high-velocity media
Instrument caliber and connection methodFlange typeDN15-DN300
Clamp typeDN15-DN300
AccuracyLiquid:±1%Gas or steam:±1.5%、±1%
Sensor Material304 S.S. or 316(L) S.S
Use condition

Medium Temp.: -40℃~+250℃,-40℃~+350℃,

Environment Temp. :-20℃~+60℃

Relative humidity:5%~90%

Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa~106Kpa

Signal output functionPulse signal, 4-20mA signal
CommunictionRS485 Modbus RTU
Electrical interfaceM20*1.5 Female
Protection levelIP65 or higher
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