Company Profile

Hebei Lan Ze Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is a enterprise which is focused on online analysis instrument of water quality and water quality system integration product development, the main products are multi-parameter of water quality monitoring system, reverse osmosis control systems, conductivity / PH / DO / turbidity / COD / NH3 * N sensor series, residual chlorine on-line monitoring system, environmental water quality monitoring stations, Internet water quality management platform. Products are widely used in waterworks, urban secondary water supply, rural drinking water transformation, aquaculture, industrial water treatment, swimming pool water quality management, sewage treatment, environmental water quality monitoring and other related fields.

The company's technology R&D team has rich experience in the development of the industry, to provide customers with "professional products, quality services, good reputation" for the purpose, to do the field of water quality monitoring technology competitive enterprises. To serve the national environmental protection development strategy and promote ecological and environmental protection.

Hebei Lan Ze Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

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