Nitrate Electrode

Intelligent nitrate electrode comes with temperature and pH compensation.


Product Description

Intelligent nitrate electrode comes with temperature and pH compensation. It adopts RS485 interface and standard Modbus protocol, with low power consumption and solar power supply.It has the advantages of in situ measurement, no reagents, no pretreatment, little maintenance, etc., and is attached with data analysis software, which has the functions of calibration, recording, analysis, diagnosis and so on.


Widely used in on-line and portable monitoring in the fields of municipal sewage, domestic sewage, agricultural sewage, industrial wastewater, process control, nitrification treatment and aeration tank, which is convenient for integrated application of monitoring buoy, monitoring float and monitoring ship.


● With pH, and temperature compensation, suitable for a variety of field

● Each electrode can be replaced independently, with simple operation and little maintenance

● Accurate measurement, low detection limit, small long-term drift

● Quick response time, timely reflect the change of water sample

● PT1000 temperature compensation, accuracy up to ±0.1℃

● Corrosion resistant housing, long underwater work, compact structure

● RS485 communication interface, standard Modbus protocol, easy to integrate

● Data analysis software with calibration, recording, analysis and diagnosis functions

Technical Parameter

Working PrincipleIon Selective Electrode Mothod
Measurement Range(0.1-1000) mg/L NO3
Detection Limit0.2 mg/L
Measurement Accuracy5% or ±0.2mg/L
Communication portRS485, Standard Modbus Protocol
SizeD42mm, L215mm, Cable 3m(customized)
Working Environment(0-60)℃ , (0-6)bar
Working Power12V/24V DC
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