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The Importance of Water Quality Monitoring

Sep. 06, 2021

Water quality monitoring is one of the key tasks in environmental monitoring. At the same time, it also plays an important role in our daily lives. So do you know the importance of water quality monitoring? As a water quality monitoring system supplier, I’d like to introduce it to you.

Small Screen PH/ORP Monitor

Small Screen PH/ORP Monitor

What is Water Quality Monitoring?

Water quality monitoring refers to the uniform timed or irregular detection, monitoring and determination of the types, concentrations and trends of pollutants in water bodies, and the evaluation of water quality conditions, on a regular or irregular basis.

The Main Monitoring Items

1. Comprehensive indicators reflecting water quality, such as temperature, color, turbidity, pH, conductivity, suspended matter, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand, etc.;

2. Detect some toxic substances in water, such as phenol, cyanide, arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and organic pesticides. To objectively evaluate the water quality of rivers and oceans.


Significance of Water Quality Monitoring

For Drinking Water

Water quality monitoring plays a vital role in the overall water environmental protection, water pollution control and maintenance of water environment health. For drinking water, if the water contains harmful bacteria, such as typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, etc., it will spread various infectious diseases. When there are a large number of plankton in the water (such as protozoa, algae, etc.), it will affect the physical properties of the water. , And produce odor and water color. If the water contains some mineral salt impurities, it can also cause various diseases. If there is too much fluoride in the drinking water, it will break the teeth and cause "plaque". In severe cases, the teeth can be completely ulcerated. As for the sewage discharged from daily life, it can also spread diseases. Therefore, monitoring whether the quality of drinking water meets drinking water standards is of great significance to ensure the safety of drinking water for the people.

For Industrial Water

For industrial water, there are different requirements for water quality due to different industrial production uses. For example, the boiler water cannot contain a large amount of calcium and magnesium sulfates, otherwise scale will be generated in the boiler, which will not only consume too much fuel, but also may cause the boiler to explode; another example is the cooling equipment in a metallurgical factory, which will affect the suspended solids in the feed water. There are very strict regulations on the content of Therefore, monitoring the quality of industrial water is of great significance to prevent industrial water from affecting product quality or damaging containers and pipelines.

For the Treatment of Water Pollution

In addition, water quality monitoring can also provide data and information for environmental management and environmental scientific research; determine the distribution of pollutants in water bodies, trace the sources of pollutants, pollution pathways, migration and transformation, and the law of growth and decline, and predict the trend of water pollution; judgement The impact of water pollution on environmental organisms and human health, to evaluate the actual effects of pollution prevention and control measures; provide data representing the current state of water quality for use in evaluating the environmental quality of water bodies: to find out the causes of pollution, pollution mechanisms, and various pollutants, and further In-depth theoretical research on water environment and pollution is of great significance.


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